Reach A is a Web site that enables Marines, their families and friends to communicate while Marines are away from home. The idea for this Web site came to me while my brother, Trevor, was away at boot camp. Friends and family members were constantly inquiring, “How is Trevor doing?” “Is he getting along ok?” “Please ask him to write me.” While at boot camp, Drill Instructors kept Trevor busy, leaving little time for letter writing. It was disheartening for everyone to go without receiving letters or communicating with him. With this site, Trevor can now post more frequent updates for everyone to read while he’s overseas. My family understands that Trevor’s story is similar to many others, and therefore would like to extend an invitation to other families, friends and their Marines to participate in this Web site.

This site is free to any Marines and Marine families who’d like to take part. To participate, please visit the Reach A Marine link and read more. Each Marine will get his or her own personal Web page. There, loved ones can post pictures and messages. Activated Marines can also participate in Reach A by sending pictures from where they are stationed and updates for all to see.

This site is dedicated to all of our troops fighting and defending this great nation. We offer our full support and pray for all Marines and their families. God bless, Semper Fi.

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