The Warrior Storm

A Message from the Artist about “The Warrior Storm”
Thank you for accepting this gift of a print from The Warrior Storm, an original color pencil drawing made by Marla Derga. I am the wife of Bob Derga and Stepmother of Cpl. Dustin A. Derga Lima Co 3/25 4th div. USMC. The first group portrait drawing I did was of Dustin and the men who were KIA in Operation Matador. The Warrior Storm has become a companion piece to this first work.
Within this piece there are many images. First and foremost are those of the men themselves.
Sgt. Justin F. Hoffman
Lcpl. Edward A. Schroder
Lcpl. Nicholas B. Bloem
Lcpl. Aaron H. Reed
Lcpl. Christopher J. Dyer
Lcpl. Timothy M. Bell
Lcpl. Eric J. Bernholtz
Cpl. David Kenneth J. Kreuter
Lcpl. Grant B. Fraser
Lcpl. William Brett Whightman
Lcpl. Michael J. Cifuentes
Cpl. David S. Stewart
Lcpl. Kevin G. Waruinge
Sgt. Bradley J. Harper
At the far right leading edge of the sand storm down toward the bottom you will see an Arabic word. This is the Arabic spelling of the name of an Iraq soldier who was KIA in this incident. Everyone called him “Neil”.

They are all depicted as if their portraits are coming out of the wall of a sand storm. And just like the fierce yet brief nature of these desert storms, so were the lives and passions of these men. Within the sand storm cloud you will find the image of doves, one for each man. Symbolizing the release of each soul to our Creator. At the bottom left hand corner is the image of the 3/25 4TH Marine Division emblem which these men were all a part of at the time of their death. In the upper right hand of the drawing you will find the image of the Eagle Globe and Anchor. It seems to swirl into form from the very desert sand of the storm. This symbolizes the legacy these brave men’s lives will leave to the USMC they all came to love and serve. In the foreground you will find the image of an Amtrac vehicle. In its wake you will find the words “Semper Fidelis” etched in the sand. This symbolizes the other men in 3/25 continuing on to the house in the distance, the next mission, their brothers-in-arms standing in the gap left by these brave and selfless men.

I have found great healing and insight while creating this drawing. I hope that you too will find a measure of healing and solace in the images. It is my hope by doing these drawings I give back a measure of gratitude and homage to the mothers, fathers, spouses, family, friends, and brothers-in-arms who helped make these young men America’s best. Semper Fidelis

Bob and Marla Derga
Always the proud Father and Stepmother of Cpl. Dustin A. Derga USMC

The original drawing is 33 X21 inches. Your print is 12 3/4 X 20 inches and is printed on archival paper using archival inks. This print is suitable for framing and the color should stay vibrant for years to come. Please be aware that all prints, even those done with archival materials, will fade over time if exposed to too much direct sunlight.

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