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www.job-applications.com - Apply to armed forces jobs online.
- Dedicated to all Marines who served at the Marine Barracks in Rota, Spain.
DevilDogDispatch - Reconnecting with those who served with you in the Marine Corps
LostBuddies.org - Dedicated to the valorous veterans and brave men and women of the United States Marine Corps
www.mcsf.org - provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships for higher education to deserving sons and daughters of Marines and children of former Marines
www.4militarybrats.com - Sells embroidered clothing and accessories for all branches of the military
www.mccsonesource.com - Marine Corps Community Services
www.uspatriots.net - Products, News and Information
www. members.aol.com/veterans/warlib6e.htm - Listing of military links
www.geocities.com/kathysmilitarylinks/marine.html - Marine links
www.leatherneck.com- A Marine Corps Community
www.sgtmoms.com- For military families
www.marinemomsanddads.com- Marine Links
www.supportoursoldiers.co.uk- A military support site from overseas
- A military information site
- A great online resource
- An interesting site, check it out!
- A Military support site
www.recruitmarines.com- Find jobs/careers for every current and former Marine for FREE
- enables families to keep in touch with text and pictures by building a web site with e-mail
- A site for all Marines who have served, are presently serving and who will serve in the future. We thank you for your honored service.
www.greenmarines.com - free forum where Marines can gather to discuss any topic they choose
www.usmchangout.com - One stop info source for everything Marine Corps. >From Boot Camp to Troop Support, we have it. Over 200 pages of information as well as message boards and an arcade.
www.govtrav.net - Forum for military personnel and family members to keep in contact
www.militaryconnection.com - comprehensive online military directory of resources and information

www.bawidamann.com - Offers a wide selection of military shirts, posters and other items

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