Rick - Georgia

Rick was born 03-24-1986. Dad,Richard Larry Sr. mom, Jan and a big sister Lacey, little sister Malloey, joined the Marines while he was a Sr. in High school. He graduated in 2004 at chapel hill High School in Douglasvillle Ga. Rick is a christian and pround to serve his country.


From Rick


From Family & Friends
My name is Rick Phillips,I have two boys on this site,the 2 from Oklahoma ( Chris,Nick). From the deepest part of my Heart, I want toTruly Thank Each and Everyone of You and Your Families for the Courage that you show by Protecting this Country of Ours. All of you are a True Hero to me and My Family and Never does a Day go by we don't Think and Thank Each of You. We Pray and Hope for the Speedy and Safe Return of Your Loved Ones as are Youngest, Nick arrives Home Today. Again Thank You and God Bless. The Phillips Family Tulsa,Oklahoma

Hi Rick!
Hope you're doing well. Thank you for all you're doing in serving our country. Please be safe and come home soon! I look forward to meeting this great person I keep hearing about!
With love,
Brittaney Lee (Vanessa's Big Sis)
... cont. CHRISTMAS PARTY I got so excited about being able to post pictures that I forgot to proof read an finish my thoughts. Cousin Jay and Wes just got here I got to go I'' write you tomarrow - Janice
Hello Rick
How is Lilly? Did They take to Germany? Please be SAFE !!!! I LOVE you very much miss you bunches!! Venesa and her mon invited the family to a Christmas PARTY - Janice
Hello Rick,
Thanks to Nick you have your own web page so we can communicate, send pictures, and have a time line. I know its a hike to the phone/computer but I think it will be worth it if I can figure out hoe to send pictures.. I would love to see some pictures on you!!!! I LOVE and miss you very much. Dad-Lacey, Mallory and Venessa send LOVE and kisses.
Love Mom


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