Stephen - Georgia

Lane is stationed in Japan. He is 20 years old. He has two siblings. A 21 year old brother and a 7 year old sister. He is extremely close to his little sister that is 12.5 years younger than him. I spoke with him this morning, (9/01/05) while he is on assignment in Korea. He said the main person he misses is his sister.


From Stephen


From Family & Friends
My name is Rick Phillips,I have two boys on this site,the 2 from Oklahoma ( Chris,Nick). From the deepest part of my Heart, I want toTruly Thank Each and Everyone of You and Your Families for the Courage that you show by Protecting this Country of Ours. All of you are a True Hero to me and My Family and Never does a Day go by we don't Think and Thank Each of You. We Pray and Hope for the Speedy and Safe Return of Your Loved Ones as are Youngest, Nick arrives Home Today. Again Thank You and God Bless. The Phillips Family Tulsa,Oklahoma



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