Robert - New York

My brother has been in the Marines for a lttle over a year and is leaving for Iraq tomorrow. He is currenlty stationed in 29 Palms, CA. He enjoys track and was very sucessful in pole vaulting. He enjoys working on cars and using his computer.He is a 3rd generation Marine and is very proud to serve his country and his family. semper fi


From Robert


From Family & Friends


hey babe!
yaaay u got our packages... hope you enjoy them... i finally got home and all my friends r so excited to meet you... im starting summer skwl soon UGH so not happy bout it... oooooo i wanna take you to san francisco wen u get back and to giants, athletics, padres, dodgers, and angels game... i wanna take u up the west coast and show u the beauty of california! its ganna be a blast.. hope to hear from you soon!

i wrote you a letter a few minutes ago i dont know if i did it right,
just writing to say hi and hope you are doing ok.
cant wait to see ya when you get home.
love and miss ya
Hey bobby, just writing to say hello, and hope you r doing well. it was real hot today but i had to work all day no beach for me. lol
cant wait to see ya when you get home
love and miss ya,
your cuz,
Hey big guy its the day after your birthday. weather here is going to be rocky we're supposed to get a big noreaster tomorrow and naturally LI will get rain but we are going to get snow. Hopefully it will by pass us.
No mail yet
dad went to yonkers to pick up a horse. we'll see if we can rehab it if not we'll get rid of it. I put ad in the farm bureau paper about all the "compost" around the farm , got a reply, they stopped over last week and will take it all.
They are supposed to come today with machines and tractor trailers to take it away. daisy ok, norman swimming, hagrid is hagrid. love u Mom
Hi bob hope all is well with u .all is well at home ,will b sending phone card to u soon . Happy Birthday stay in touch as much as u can ok . oh take care of my marines an they will take care of u ok . miss u love dad
OMGosh i miss u soooo much! i hope you like your bday present even if u get it like 2 weeks late... haha... i sent sum pix... ur ganna kill me after u see them but ull laugh ur ass off... but yeah... i miss u like crazy... I LOVE YOU! ill talk 2 u wenever u get a chance!
Hi Bob,
Hope everything there is great and u are well. Everything here is the same.
daisy is crazy, norman is swimming, hagrid is hagrid. Sisters and me and dad
send our love to u and want u to know we are very proud of u.
By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WISH U WERE HERE! NAT. sent your pkg home I'm waiting on it.
Dad is fine, stay safe keep your head and ass down. Love u Mom

Dear Bobby,
Today: Friday 4/13/2007
I am very excited to see that we can stay in touch this way.I didnt want this day to go by with out telling you we are thinking of you today as everyday. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... we love you Bobby . Be safe love Aunt Patty

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
Love Mom Dad Diana and Stephanie



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