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Cpl Michael is currently serving in Iraq with Lima Company 3-25 Weapons Platoon. He has been serving in the Marine Corps for 5+ years. Before being deployed Mike was working for Diebold, Inc. He was recently married on November 20, 2004. His family and friends are in Ohio anxiously waiting for his safe return. Upon completion of his deployment Mike will be attending the Police Academy.

If you wish to send letters or care packages send them to..
Cpl Michael (be sure to include his last name)
3-25 Lima Company Weapons Pltn
Unit 72120
FPO AE 09509-2120
Mike has a sweet tooth!

  From Mike - Mike's Archive
Hello family and friends, just a few more days until I start the process home. I just wanted to thank everyone for all the much needed prayers and support for myself and my beautiful wife Ashlee. I appriciate everything you all have done over the past nine months, we couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again. Mike

From Family & Friends

Thank you to all you have given so much of their time and prayers over the last few months. Mike and I greatly appreciate all of the love and support from family, friends and strangers. We could not have done it without you. Thank you to everyone who was able to welcome Mike home at the base and at the party. We cannot wait to start our lives together again and hope that each of you will remain a part of our life together. Thank you again and we hope to see you all very soon!
Cpl Mike Lake and Ashlee Lake

Dear Mike: You made it!!! Our very own American Hero. Can't wait to see you on Thursday, of course we have our instructions from Ashlee she gets to touch you first. We are very proud of what you have done for our country. I know these past few weeks and days have been difficult but we just wanted you to know that we love you just as if you were our own son. The anticipation of our family being made whole again is very exciting. Ashlee & you desire to begin your life as a family and we hope that we can be part of that new beginning. Our family and friends can not wait until November 19th when we are able to celebrate the renewal of your marriage vows. It has given all of us something to look forward to and the opportunity for all of our family to finally meet you in person. God speed Michael. These next few days are going to be filled with joy and happy thoughts that our family was blessed by God in bringing you home safe to us. I truely believe that he has special plans for you and Ashlee. See you Thursday!!! Love You More Every Day!!! Vicki, Bill & Millie Dog
Well Michael you have finally made it, you should be standing on American soil on Friday. I can't believe that one week from today you should be in Columbus. As you know everyone is very proud of you and your unit for everything you have done for us. God has blessed both you and Ashlee and will continue to do so upon your return home. Your friends and family are anxiously waitting for you to come home. See you next week. Love you lots. Vicki, Bill & Millie.
I am so glad to hear that you are coming home! i cant wait to see you! I miss you sooo much! When you get home we will have to go out t dinner or lunch sometime. My cheerleading starts in octbor but my first game isnt till november! i cant wait! well i just wanted to say thanks for defending our contrey and being there!
your a true hero! ~Paige~
Hi Mike: I am sure that not eating sand and MRE's everyday for each meal is a treat. Hopefully you are able to eat as much as you want and enjoy a shower or two. Ashlee did a wonderful job on TV telling everyone how much she misses you and can't wait for you to come home. I am glad your journey home has begun we are all waiting with much anticipation of your arrival. May God continue to watch over you and your fellow Marines. We continue to pray for your safe return. We can now say see you in a few weeks instead of a few months. Love You Lots!!!! Vicki, Bill & Millie
Mike, I'm so glad to hear that it's just a few days away. I know how much you are goping to miss the sand. Maybe when you get back and your going through withdraws we can go to the beach or something (ha ha). Kristin and I went out with Amber the other night uo in Westerville, it was a good time. It sounds like you have a lot of plans already when you get back but I am going to have to steal you for one niight and have a guys night out ( Sorry Ashley). We have a lot to catch up on when you get home. I still kepp in touch with your mom. She seems to be a little more relaxed since the good news that your comming home soon. Well talk to you soon. - Brandon
To The Best Son-In-Law Ever: Well we have almost made it, this is going to be just like Christmas the anticipation of receiving the best gift ever your safe return home. I know your guy friends think that bridal shower stuff is for the birds, but let me tell ya you and Ashlee got alot of really nice gifts. I don't think we could have fit one more person in my house. It was around 50 people who attended the event. Can you imagine what it is going to be like on November 19th. Remember to continue to practice your dance moves because there is going to be four hours of dancing. The highlight of the bridal shower however was your perfect timed phone call. Everyone got to share in your good news and it made the rest of the day even more special. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you prior to your arrival home. Once again sorry that we didn't have much time to talk on Saturday, but I think you had more important things to say to your wife instead of you mother-in-law. It is so nice to share the good news that soon you will be out of that place. My prayers and well wishes continue to be with you and your unit. May God continue to bless you for your safe journey home to be united with your loved ones. Love you lots!!! Vicki including the Bill & Millie. See you soon.
Well Mike: I hope that when you receive this e-mail it is to the point where I can begin to count the days on my hands when you will be able to begin your journey home. I know these past few weeks have been hell for you, please keep focused and continue to be safe. Everyone is so excited to be able to see you again. However, we already have been warned by you know who that the do not distrub sign will be in effect for at least two weeks at your home. However, the door is always open at our home that when the two of you decide you need a home cooked meal just give us a call. You know you will need to keep up your strength. Ashlee still remains as cute as ever. A whole list of projects are on the frig at your house to be finished before you get home, but don't worry I am sure that there may things that will still need to be done. The weather here has been perfect your favorite time of year is right around the corner and just think this time last year you were planning your proposal. Can you believe it will be almost a year since you became engaged. Our continued prayers are with you and your unit. Mike we miss you more than you could ever imagine. All of our love. "The Outlaws" Bill, Vicki & Millie. p.s. I know my e-mail are not as fun as your racing buddies but where do they come up with this stuff. You are going to have so much fun when you get home. I think besides your wife they are going to want to date you too!!! See you in a few. Love you more each day.
Hey Pee-top!! It's about time you start stealing some MRE's over there. Get skinnier!! Not much new here. We went to Steel City this weekend - SWEET Ricky checked out in 2 seconds (literally). There was 1 two-stroke. AWESOME!! The 125s (or 250F) were pretty sweet. You didn't miss much but a couple mollets and me being completely loaded the night before. Don't remember anything, so you'll have to ask your wife?? Oh yea, J-Dogg was puking out his car door this weekend to. I guess Loadman gets it honestly. Can't wait to see your dirt stash!!
Akira Narita #982
Hi Mike: In about a week it look like your mission will be complete. We are really excited about you coming home soon. The bridal shower is this weekend and it looks like it will be a wonderful event. About 50 people are going to be there. I will make sure we take lots of pictures and let you know what type of gifts you and Ashlee receive. We had a nice visit with Bill's son & wife this weekend the whole gang was home so we all went out to dinner on Sunday evening. We can't wait to see you either this month or next. Continue to be safe. Love You Lots!!! Vicki, Bill & Millie
Hey Mike, Ashlee was showing me the latest pictures on this site and the other one last weekend when she was up here. I agree with you, that tank was cool! We had a great weekend in Cleveland - Ashlee is making lots of progress in plans for the wedding and Di and I can't wait for the Shower and Bachelorette party next weekend! Don't worry, we'll be good :) Glad to hear you'll be starting the trip back soon - be safe and we'll see you soon!
Hey Mike!
Only a little longer! i am counting down the days! i cant wait to see you again! Your mom sent me pics over the email of you they are really good! I started school i week ago! it is really boring! but my teachers are nice! i have seven teachers! Well i got to go! buh bye!
Miss ya!!'

Stay safe and Brave

Praying with all my heart!!!


Judging from those pics, you could use a few donuts and a chocolate milk. I guess we have the "Subway" diet in the US, and you're on the Iraqis' "Sandway" diet. Pick up the fork, you're making me look even more out of shape!
Anuyways, I've been really busy with the new job, but it is going well. These first 6 months will be strenuous but no big deal. Tony, Sam, J-Dogg and I are going to Steel City this weekend for the Pro National. The only one missing is you Guy. When you get back, the crew will be completed again. Well, I better get going, I've got a lot to do. Call when you can and stay safe brother.
Nick #9
Dear Mike: Sorry I missed your call. I was very disappointed that I didn't get to talk to you. You called when I was in church. We are getting excited about your return. Ashlee is beyond excited for your return. We went to family day on Saturday and received alot of good information about your return. As you know we are very proud of you and the other members of Lima Company for everything that you have done and continue to do for our freedom here at home. I hope that your welcome home package made you smile for a few days. Ashlee is a great wife and will be a life long companion for you and will make a wonderful mother to your future children. We pray for you everyday for your safe return so that you can reunite with your family and friends. I am sure you can't wait to sleep in your own bed, take a shower as long as you like and eat whenever you want, and hold your wife as long as you like. I keep telling Ashlee that the two of you will be like cling on vines for months to come. Just think you will still be newly weds when you return and get the opportunity to celebrate your wedding vows again. How special is that opportuntiy. I know that I can not even relate to what you have been through in Iraq, but I can share with you that you are going to have an opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of happiness with a very special woman. Love you lots!!! See you soon. Vicki, Bill & Millie
Buddy, Kristin and I here. We just looked at some pictures your mom sent of you from over in Iraq. Huh, I didn't know they sold crack cocaine over there. Funny that I get to make fun of you now for being skinny. What goes around comes around right. Well the first annual Derga Poker Run was last weekend. We had a pretty good turn out and raised almost 5,000 dollars. The money went to Stephanie Derga but she dosent want it. So she is going to give it to some other Lima Company Fund that I dont know to much about yet. Hey only a couple weeks to go. We all can't wait to see you and we miss you lots.
Kristin and Brandon
We just wanted to say hello to you and tell you that you're still in our prayers. We're anxious to hear from you so call us when you get a chance. We sold our house and have to be out by Sept. 14th so you might want to call on Jerad's cell phone. If you don't have the number Ashlee does.
We're in the process of building a house on Beaver Run Rd. Yes, close to the other Angles! We don't know who is building it yet, but we're getting close to narrowing it down. Can't wait until you're home so you and Ash can come over for another cookout! We love you and miss you. Keep your spirits up and come home safely! Love Jerad and Mel Angle
Hey Mike-
How have you been? Ive been good! i start school in one week!!I cant wait! well i justed wanted to say hey! i have to get ready to go school shopping!! buh bye!!
love ya!
Praying for u w/ all my heart!
stay strong and brave!!


I just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you often. Denny is so anxious for you to come home. I think he has some hunting in mind after your return. Sounds like your family is planning some parties for you to attend. I am sure that sounds real good to you. We just want to thank you again for all you have done to keep us safe.
Jane and Denny Gorman
Hi Mike this is Kaye, Vicki's friend. As I was addressing this message I could hear Vicki squeal. Ashlee just called informing her mother you had just called and received the "mystery" package. It has been fun and scary being so close to the two of them. I received a thank you card today from Ashlee for a housing warming gift. It was a party dish and she said it has already been put to use several times. I'm not sure what that means. As we all know she's the wild and crazy type. (just kidding!?!?!)
I really wanted to share with you a special tribute they had in the office lobby today. 1st Lt. Charles L. Walkin, III in the Army National Guard was killed a year ago. He worked for the Federal Highway Administration and his co-workers vowed to always remember him and they had his mother come. The ceremony not only was a tribute to him but was inclusive of all military. At the end they asked if there was anyone in the audience that had family currently serving in Iraq and Vicki stepped forward. She was already emotional, however, sucked up and acknoweledged you and gave thanks and appreciation for everyones' prayers and support.
I just heard you are wearing underwear on your head. I'm not sure Licking County will know what to do with the two of you when you return! All kidding aside, the Lord is watching over the both of you and we will continue to pray for your safe return.
Kaye Smith
Mike: Just think you will be back in the US in a month. We can't wait until you are home so that the celebrating can begin. I just came from a special gathering in our building honoring everyone who is serving in Iraq. I find it very touching that our country has grown together to support our troops overseas. You would have been pleased with the presentation. Once again we wanted you to know that we are honored that you are part of our family. Please continue to remain strong and focused on your mission. We are anxiously waiting your safe return. I also wanted you to know that the wedding plans are moving forward and it is going to be a hugh event. You are going to be to cute in a tux. Hopefully, we have a band lined up so get your dancing shoes dusted off. You had better be practicing your dance moves. Keep the faith as with everyday our prayers and thoughts are with you. Love you more everyday. Your extended family Vicki, Bill & Millie.


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