Peter - Ohio

Lcpl Peter has been in the Corp for 2 1/2 years. He is in the process of being hired as a police officer for Columbus. He plays the bass in a band.

  From Peter
Well, it's been a while
We are making do here, wishing the days and the heat away. Actually, so far the month of August has been a little cooler than those last few days in July thankfully. Between patrols I have been working on organizing gear and packing stuff up in preperation to come home. It helps me to realize how close we really are to getting out of this place. Again, thank you to all who have written and sent mail as well. It is such a blessing to me! As always I miss you guys a ton and can't wait until we can come home.

Hey Everybody,
Just wanted to keep you up to date some. We are headed out on another mission...a long one this time it looks like. The temp is supposed to be in the 130's. W/ all that gear on...I just can't wait!! Or not. I just wanted to say thank you for all the cards letters and care packages. It all means a lot to me here. Its awesome to know that we are not forgotten. I look forward to coming home in the fall. I miss and love you all !

Hello Everyone,
Sorry I haven't been able to keep up w/ messages. I really appreciate the support and concern. It really means a lot to me. I thank you for the prayers as well, and can't wait to be back home w/ you all soon!

Send mail to Cpl Peter (put his last name as well):
3/25 L Company (1st Platoon)
Unit 72120
FPOAE 09509-2120


From Family & Friends


Welcoe home Peter!!!!!!

Miss you lots Peter, you name is read on the radio everyday so people can pray for you and all the other people you are serving with!
Stay safe and stay strong in the Lord!
Hey Peter.. havent wrote in a while and thought i would send you a hello. Hope u are holding up ok... cant wait to see you when u get home!! Be safe!! fight hard!! see you soon!! kristin
Peter we recently got this webpage from your mom at Mary Jane's wedding. Hope you are safe and well. We are keeping you in our prayers. Maybe you are already home! If not, we pray for your safe and soon return. We are so grateful to you and your fellow soldiers.
Neal, Jennifer, Joshua, Emily & Josiah
Here are the new additions that I was telling you about. Even with them keeping me super busy, I'm still missing you terribly. I love you, and my prayers are with you. - Erin
Hey Peter, I just wanted to write you and say hello. I am posting a few pictures of all of us in Maine. I can't wait to see you again. As always, I am praying for you daily and am counting down the days til you come home!!!!

Peter, I've posted a picture of your mom, Aaron, Rachel, and Jonathan taken after church at River of Life Church in Powell on 8/14/05. Take care! Bob and Missy Fuson

PETER!!!! (screamed with much joy) It was AWESOME to talk to you last night, amazing to hear your voice after all these months. We're counting the minutes until you come home! We're so proud of you and soooo blessed to have you as our brother. What you're doing is incredible and will never be forgotten! We'll have the A/C running on freezing for you when you get back....Much love and hugs, Rachel and Aaron

Hi Peter!
Just to let you know we are praying for you. We go to church with your brother Aaron. He gave us an address to send mail to you. Are there any items that we could send to you that would be possible to mail and that you would like to receive?? Please let me know.
God bless and keep you,
Sandy Gleespen

Hi Peter,
It was great to see your mom, dad and sarah at M.J.'s wedding. It was fun to help together.
I spent 3 days with amy and boys before coming
home yesterday.
You and your fellow marines are in our thoughts an
and prayers daily. We thank you for all you are
doing. love, Aunt LA and Uncle Barry
Ps 91:11 We pray the Lord will give His angels
charge over you and keep you in all your ways.

Hi Peter! We are from Sarah, Aaron, and Rachel's church in Powell (we are on the worship team together.) Rachel gave us this link, making it possible to write to you. Just wanting you to know that we have been praying for you, that God would guide and protect you and all of the armed forces overseas. Praying for your speedy and safe return! ~ Bob and Missy Fuson

Heyya Peter,
Got your criptic message Friday. thanks for letting us know you're alright, we couldn't find anything in the news but the little blip about calling in air support for you. I learned today that we lost 2 more from second platoon, my heart breaks for those families and I have to try real hard mnot to worry about you. It would rip our hearts out to lose you. Mama and Papa went to the Family day today, I had to work so I couldn't make it this time. They said that several of the wounded guys had made it home and were there. Of course they asked about you and the ones that know you only had awesome things to say. I don't have their names, but I'm sure Papa will send them along by motomail so you can update anyone wondering over there. Love you, kick butt!!! Sarah

Congrats! You already know that I am so proud of you. I sent another e-mail and package yesterday with the L still attached because I hadn't visited this page in a while, so it might take a little longer than the last one to get there. Sorry. I miss you so much. And just in case Paul's reading this, too... thanks for posting the update. It's much appreciated. Later days.

Hey Peter, Just trying this website out since you suggested it. Keep doin what your doing. And Doin It Well. Like i said before, I know you guys are a lot deeper in that shit than i was, so i got alot of respect. I'll be here for you if ya need anything-keep pushing.
Miss ya, Katelyn
ps Still waiting to go snowboarding!

it hasn't been said yet but i just thought i'd make it known that Peter made Corporal several weeks ago. So if anyone is writting letters or anything. it will get to him faster if you drop the L.
congradulations are in order! Spank you. - paul

Hey Big Guy...
Just wanted to send our love and thanks for what you are doing for the world. We're trying to keep the rest of your family doing some things around the store. Paul is a great help. I hear you guys are haveing a big birthday coming up. If you keep going, you'll be as old as me soon. HA!
Love you.
Tom & Sandy

Heya Peter-man,
Mama said you'd gotten a chance to call for a minute today. It was awesome to hear you're doing alright. Since you're still out I don't guess you'll get this for awhile, but I'm packing up another box for you. Maybe I'll beat the 19 pounder this time:). Hope the motomail gets out to you wherever you are. I'm working more OT here, it's hot, but not nearly as hot as you. Hurricane season is starting so we should be getting drenched soon. Try not to think about that too much eh:) I miss you. I sent my guardian angels over to help yours out, they should be there by now, they're fast flyers. Love you more than lots. cant wait till you're home. your big sister sarah

Hey there Peter...just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you all! Be safe and trust in God for whatever tomorrow brings.

hey there big brother...
here's some pics of random stuff...hopefully it'll help you remember some of the faces back here waiting for you! I miss you a bunch...playing out isn't so much fun without you on bass. keep practicing whenever you can...i'm doing the same. i'm praying for you. feel free to hop on any planes headed this direction. I know a bunch of people that wouldn't mind a bit. Hopefully we'll talk to you again soon! You make everyone's day when you get a chance to always seems to be at just the right time too. keep your head up. you'll be back before you know it.
i love you

Hi Peter,
As friends of Rachel and Aaron - we also wanted YOU to know that we think of you every day, and have our church group praying for you too. We are so proud of you, and are wishing all of you safe passage home. Emily wanted to send you some pictures - and kisses and huggs :) - Cheryl, Jeff & Emily Grayson

Peter, I don't know you, but I want to say Thank you so much for what you are doing for us here in the US. Sincerely, Sara Garver

Hey Peter! I'm so glad you told me about this site! Now I can leave you messages all the time! (I hope I don't bother you though!) :) I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday and I can't wait until you come home. I can't even imagine what you are going through, and honestly, I don't want to because it just scares me. But I know that the Lord is with you and He is by your side every step of the way. Just remember that. And know that there are people here that support you and love you, and we are so very proud of you! Stay strong, and may the peace of the Lord be with you. I'm counting the days until you come visit me at Max & Erma's! :) Take care to you soon. Love, Ashley

Hey Peter! I'm praying for you daily and I miss you. - Rachel

Peter, I hope you are well. My prayers are with you. God Bless you and Keep you safe.
Moe later your cuz.

Hey Peter.... I met your family this past weekend. It wasnt under the best of circumstances but it was really nice to meet them. They are very nice people and lucky to have a son like you. I know what you are going though right now has to be difficult and I can not relate to how you are feeling. I just want you boys to come home safe. I can not imagine the situation you boys are in right now and under the circumstance I am sure it is hell. I just cant wait till the day when you boys step off that bus at the drill center and we can be there to greet you with smiles and tears. Dustin and Erdy will never leave your side. They will continue to fight with you everyday to keep you strong and to get you though the next few months. The memories you have shared with them will never fade.... especially the ones from Vegas!!! Cause I know we all had a blast!! But keep your head up and fight hard..... do it in their honor!!! Your in my thoughts and prayers everyday.... love always... Kristin (Derga's girlfriend)

Hi Peter.
Becky and I continue to pray for you daily for your physical strength and protection, and also that you will be used by the Lord to be an encouragement to the members of your squad and platoon. Your presence in Iraq has caused us to all pause and consider the cost of freedom and not take it so much for granted. We look forward to having you work on a puzzle in our home and making a trip to Graeters! I'll even buy, and that's saying something!
In Jesus's name Eric and Becky

Dear Peter,
Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your company.
Spring in Colorado has been interesting this year. We have had a wide variety of weather, highs in the 70's, lows in the 30's, rain, hail, snow, wind, sun... Kiefer, Jared and I have been planting in our flower beds and playing in the yard. Jay and I continue to work on our garage. Jay is almost done with taping drywall in the garage. We only have a few more pieces to completion, texture, paint and flooring.
Prayer for safety and strength.
Your Colorado cousins
Claire, Jay, Kiefer, and Jared (see pic below)

Hey Peter. Eli, Glad to here that your doing well. I'm sorry to here about your friend and commerads. I'm sure you know every body is praying for you and your friends. Take care of your self the best way you know how. (Father God, I thank you for the bravery in Peter. I thank you that you are every where is goes. I thank you that you are that high tower that we run into for strength, love and peace. Father I ask for your protection over Peter and his commerads.) In Jesus Name. AMEN.
See you later. Eli.

hi peter...
just wanted to let you know that i am praying for you. you have been on my mind latly. please be careful-- krissa

Hey Peter!
This is the first time I've written on this site, I know, you're very surprised...I keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily though. I'm becoming a workaholic yet again this summer, but am hoping to go to Mexico in July and then Maine in August, so the work schedule will only be for two months. I miss you and pray for strength and endurance for you. Love you bunches!

Many thoughts and prayers for you, Peter. As a Navy Hospital Corpsman I take great pride in being there for the men and women of the Marine corps. In a way I wish I was there to make sure to bring you home alive. But being a single mom I do not want to orphan Nathaniel . I hope you all is well with you , I know lima company has been through some rough times the last couple days. I pray with all my heart you are safe and well. Love your Cousin. HM3 Kimberly Malouff

Hi Peter - I met you at Tree of Life Schools. I work with Becky Vaas. You are with our son, Matt Mason. He is not on this website, but hopefully you can say Hi to him for us. Maybe you can encourage him to get set-up so we can communicate this way with him as well. Becky and I try to keep each other informed whenever we hear something. Please take care of yourself. You have a lot of prayers coming your way daily. Stay safe, and may you feel the Lord's protective arms around you. Cathy Mason

Hey Peter!
I just wanted to say that I hope you are doing well and I posted some pictures from our Military Ball that I forgot to send earlier. Well forgot/didn't know how yeah same thing :) I love you bunches!

Hey Peter!
I don't know how often you can check this, but I figured I would write to you from as many places as I could :) I hope that you are doing well. I got the chance to go to the Reds game on Wednesday and I thought you might like some pictures. We got to sit in the suit/box seats because of my roommate, Carolyn's dad. These are the other girls I will live with next year. I love you bunches and bunches and I can't wait to have you home again!

Rachel checked me in at the doctor's office today and gave me this web address. It took me a while to recognize her without the nose ring and bike, but you know how severe my "blonde" moments can be. I have plenty of hilarious drama to catch you up on. Can you believe that I'm housesitting at my professor's place with four dogs? I can't think of anyone less cut-out for that job than me! The pictures of you are really fun; it's so great to see your smile again. I miss you like crazy. I love you, and you're constantly in my prayers. Keep smiling.

Hey man, it's Ryan (Erica V's b/f) - Just wanted to tell you that Erica and I are prayin' for you. I can't thank you and those around you enough for your willingness to protect our freedom in America...Stay safe and come back soon!

Ryan Worthen

Heyya Peter,

29 Palms sandy enough for you? I'm sure you'll have your fill by the time you get home. I posted the picture of everyone(minus Jonathan) from the Sunday you left. I was trying to figure how to add him in but it just looked too goofy, maybe I should have since he's a rather goofy guy:) Jonathan & Paul started Fire School, I think they like it so far but they're certainly whooped at the end of each class, especially Saturday's. Nathan just passed the 240HR. part off his class and is working on the EMT part for the rest of the school year.

You're in my prayer's everyday. May God protect you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you and give you peace and bring you home safe.
Love you!!!


Here's some pictures from various times. I hope they cheer you up..and probably make you laugh at our silliness. I love you bunches and miss you tons!!


Dear Peter,
Our prayers go with you and your fellow Marines. We greatly appreciate all
of you.

We wanted to pass along a little something to bring a smile. So we are attaching a picture of Kiefer and Jared. Jared has the beak and Kiefer the shaggy eyebrows and mustache.

Your Colorado Cousins
Claire, Jay, Kiefer, and Jared



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