Shad - Ohio

Shad was born March 24th 1981,in Columbus, Ohio. He has been married for 5yrs to Nicole and together they have 3 children. He graduated from Worthington Christian and works as a loan officer. He enjoys reading, and spending time with family (very goal oriented). He loves the Marine Corps, and has been looking forward to his time to shine since he was a small boy.

  From Shad


From Family & Friends
Hey Shad.. You do not know me but my boyfriend CPL Dustin Derga was over there fighting with you... I just wanted to let you know that your parents have been a great support to all the familys who have lost loved ones... They are wonderful people and we appreciate their support... I hope all is as well as expected and we are anxiously awaiting the Companys return home... Fight hard and Come home to you family and friends soon!! Just dont forgot those of the 3/25 that were taking will always be fighting right next to you... carrying u though one mission to the next.... You are in our prayers and I am excited to meet you upon your return... Thank you for what you are doing for your country and you are a hero!! SEMPER FI... Kristin (Dergas girlfriend)

You don't know me, but I'm from Newark, OH. My best friend LCPL Mike Lake is over there in the Marines and possibly serving next to you. It has been rough over there lastely, so I Just thought I would wish you the best and for a safe return. Take care and look out for my buddy Mike and everyone around you.
Nick DeVito
Hey Gorgeous,
Just wanted to tell you have very proud I am to call you my Husband. I know your okay because the lord has put serenity in my heart. After reading all these articles I was a mess but a warm calming feeling came over me, last night and I just suddenly realized your fine? The lord works in mysteries ways. Of course, I’m still worried about what you’re seeing and doing, but I am trying to stay strong for the kid’s sake. I love you and can't wait to hold you again.
Just want you to know we're proud of you! Keep safe and keep your boys safe too!! We're praying for all of you! Semper Fi....Dad
I keep hearing all this sad sad news and cant help to think that your in trouble over there. Please call me ASAP We have been worried sick! we love you kiddo keep your head up. Stay strong and God will bring you home. - Nicole


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