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SRA Chris is the oldest of three childern,Chris joined the Air Force out of High School,he is the father of three great kids,his younger brother is an United States Marine also in Iraq.We miss them both badly and pray daily for their safety.


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its been a long time since ive been on here. things are going ok. definately shouldve went back to the air force. im not really into the whole infantry gig. but i do it proudly and will soon be reclassing into the corp of enginners(god willing) to be a metal worker/welder. have a great day everyone

up date- chris now army is settling in to there life in fort polk
so far things aren't too bad for him differnt of course then the airforce.
now chris and his family are headed to the state Lo. to the army base
he has done well in serving his country.
we are so proud of him and all our soilders.
i will keep updating on here until he has to use this site again.
god bless us all
starla phillips
just a up-date my son chris has graduated from bootcamp of the us army
on this day JAN.23RD,2009 we are very PROUD of our son and all who serve and has served. he is on his way to fort polk army base tonight
he will be attending jump school in the near future,wich will be back in GA.

hello everyone,
this is an up-date that chris former AIRFORCE now is trainng with the ARMY
he is at FRT.. BENNING GORG. trainning. we should know in about 4 weeks were CHRIS will be going. until then GOD BLESS EVERYONE AND KEEP SUPORTING OUR TROOPS

this is an up date that my son CHRIS has now re-in-listed in the U.S. ARMY
He is at this time at boot camp in N.M.
He will be going to jump school after boot camp. He formally was serving in the AIRFORCE he then took some time to be with his family when we were
in OK. He moved to KS and that is were he re-in-listed to serve with the ARMY. We are very proud of CHRIS ! So we will be visiting this web site
often.This website gave me such peace and suport while my sons were away seriving.I am thankful for everyones suport and for NICK SMITH
Thanks again and GOD BLESS us all

myson is finally home here in ok.
we are proud of the time he served this country
he and his brother a marine have done a great job
we wish everyone a safe and happy return.
god bless you all.
pmm starr

well everyone, this it. i leave sometime tomorrow. ill be coming home soon. i thank everyone for their support and prayers. good luck to you all and may your lives be full of happiness. i know mine will be now that i have done my duty. thanks again to reachamarine. you have made it possible for me to keep in touch with people that wouldn't have been able to before.
hey guys... here are some pics of an insane sandstorm we had the other day... it was very painful to be in

From Family & Friends


hello to all who use this sight,
i want to thank the friends,family and strangers,
your prayers were a big blessing.
yes both my soilders made it home,thank god and thank you all. i will contnue to use this sight and keep you up dated on what comes about for our sons.god bless you all and thanks again.chris and his family will be returnning to oklahoma sometime in july,i am so anxious to hug my son in such a long time aswell as my grandchildern.until next time....may the force be with you and our troops

Hey friends, We sure hope by now your loved one is back home safe!! We have always kept you all in our prayers. We are very proud of all our military, but especially the ones from our home state of Oklahoma!!....God Bless You All!! Brian & Family from Tahlequah, Oklahoma
well i want to thank everyone who showed there suport to my son chris and nick.
we are very happy to have chris coming home.
we are very proud of our sons and all the troops.
this sight really is a blessing.before we new about this sight it was very hard and there were barley any phone calls,so thanks again reach a marine.
chris welcome home son! you did good! we are proud of you!your family loves and misses you.
we will see you soon,everyone we will continue to use this sight.we are still awaiting to hear if nick
our marine will have to return to iraq for the 3rd time or not,so keep the prayers coming. thank you everyone and may god bless us all!
as always,pmm bluestarrmom
Hello Chris, that sandstorm did look pretty bad. Today is Wednesday the 26th, and in a few days I will be turning 17. Boy how time does fly, unless of course you are watching it. Hope you come home soon. Caleb
hey bro .. i know how the opsec thing is they blocked a bunch of stuff on us too.. but its good to know your ok and your finally getting a taste of what i went through on a daily bases. ... it sucks huh,, lol,, you'll be fine i know it.. and remember i am still here and i am still your brother.. and i love you man .. and i can't wait to come home and be normal again .. things are getting real stupid around here. we just got a a shit load of new guys .. so they are playing fuck fuck games.. and its ridiculous.. but almost there 1 yr left.. and i get to come home.. this is just a thought but i have a contact at the tulsa air national guard and he might be able to help you if your intrested.. because the reserves still can deploy.. and he offered me a pretty sweet deal .. especially cause i am prior enlisted so it makes there life easier.. if your intrested .. just remember .. national guard doesn't deploy.... just a thought.. and its only one weekend a month.. and you still get benefits. plus colleage money.. so just a thought .. and you still get to do your regular job.. whatever it may be at that time.. i am considering it . especiallly since i could possible be going back for a third time.. iwon't konow til the end of the month. so til then i love you and can't wait to do stupid shit like brothers are supposed to ...hahahahaha... and to rikki happy birthday.. and kids be good for your mom ... and hello to all of my family ,.. i am still here and just can't wait to come home.. love you all and chat at you later..
Hi hun ur brother told me 2 view urs & his pic. - Brandi Satterfield
Hey Hey Buckaroo,your Rock Star is on the way,an Eight Pack,you better enjoy it,it isn't easy to locate.Glad to hear you will be back very soon,counting weeks,soon it will be DAYS,,,,Been real busy alot going on,work,Mom,Heather,Animals so on so on.I hope to get caught up this week,I still need to run a CD for the Web Master and get it in the Mail.Hurry up and get here so you can lighten my load,heheheh.Well Son call when you get your package,til then,"May the Force Be With You" Love Dad,,,,,,,Go Cubbies!!!!!!
Hey there Buckaroo. Well Aqua-Tech Ad is now out in the User Friendly Phone Book,they started delivering them last week here in Tulsa, Got an Email from Luke Strickland,he is the Country Artist on my Video,he said Good Luck on the Video Promotion and he said to tell you and Nick Thank You and Good Luck While you are there.Now I can have it posted on more sites without any problems of copyright laws.He must of went to your site and viewed the Video.Wish it was as clear as the one on Disk.Anywho all else is same ol same ol,Missing you and the Kids,Helping your Sis here and there,she really is making huge gains in her life,she is hitting a little bumppy patch right now,nothing major.So you come home safe and bring me my grandkids kiddo. "May the Force Be With You" Love Always Dad
hey bro this is your sister, just thought that i would drop u few lines to let u know that im still thinking of u and will never stop. that goes for nick also. well i went to the doctor last tuesday and they changed my due date to july 7th instead of june 18th. that kind of sucks but i also good i guess it will give me more time to get the things that i need. i still not sure what it is but i do get another ultrasound so hopefully i will know soon. im also working again, just because i want to be able to get the things i need for my baby. on top of that i just cant sit around all day and be broke. i would drive my self crazy. my ankles are swollen and my feet hurt from standing on them all day but its better than being lazy all day. but any way im stil praying for u and nick as well as the rest of my family and the ones over there with u . i pray for miracles because that is how u know that god is real. plus prayers change the plans of god so keep that in mind and talk to the one that always listens even when u think that he is not , he is always about timing just because its your timing doesnt mean that its his . understand what i am saying. things happen if they are meant, as a consicounce, or because your prayer has been answered. just know that know matter what it is for a reason. but at the same time it is only for a season and time, that is why things will always change. 9 times out of ten it for the better u just heve to make it through the bad seasons as well as the goog ones. well i gotta go for now and maybe u will be here to see your nice or nephew come into the world. love u lots talk at u later.
love your little sister ,
heather kay dawn.
Hello Chris. how are things with you? Everything is just great in Broken Arrow. The weather is warm we have had some rain over the weekend, and I have zero earned runs against me while i have been pitching. Hope You come hopme soon. God Bless. Caleb Arjay
hello to my son,
i know you hvae been busy latley,i pray all is well.
i checked on rikki and she is hanging in there.
she is so strong and a wonderful women,a great mom and she very much lives for you and the chilidern.she loves you greatly!
well things didnt turn out so well for the white truck,the motor is blown!!!!!!!! very costly for the motor,not sure what the insurance will do yet,
you know dad he wont bend too much,he knows what the fair price is .he did some checking around of course.well its getting closer and closer for your home coming,we cant wait!
we love and miss you very much! stay strong,god speed to you! your sisters due date changed until early july,they keep changing it,she is working at braums again,she has really been trying to get things together. she is doing better and making better choices, nick is doing a better job these days about staying in touch,he stated his case already to you,i thank you and i thank nick for being so stay in touch son,i love you and i am proud of you! lol mom
I've sent a few e-mails before, just want you to know we are still thinking about you over there, we still have you on our prayer chain, & we are so proud to be from Oklahoma, & so proud of you all that fight for our freedom! Thanks for making us so very proud! Brian & family, from Tahlequah, Oklahoma
hey bro i am starting to get back in the swing of things theyre working our legs on the ground til they bleed .. literally,, so i am too tired to be angry right now at these asswholes.. hahahahaha.. well the reason i spent more time in arkansas is because i got stuck there not by choice .. but by our sister once again proven ability to not tell her plans to me so we could coordinate ... but hey shit happens . and i spen t alot of time in kansas because i helped uncle jayson out and we had a deal i went back up there so we could work it out,, but thats my business.. and i am sorry mom if it hurt your feelings but it was not intential ... and to all who read this ,, my mom is number one in my life .. yes i am a big momma's boy and damn proud of it.. so whoever reads this make sure you understand that.... well now we got that out there.. hey bro you should be out of there in like what 2 months .. and then you can go home and spend time with mom .. and just out of curiousity have you narrowed down what exactly your going to do .. just a question .. cause i am concerned and i am just saying i am here to help you as much as i can .. and i love you bro . and family .. talk to you later,, nick
hey wats up chris how r things goung? just saying hi seeing if your still ok! yvonne just got a basset houd 7 weeks old, registered and has papers too. i might move to alberque end of june early july a little bit after my b-day with my mom she is already down there and i might go live with her. so anyway i was just saying hi and thanks for sending me that video it was cool! - rabekka werner
Hello Chris. I would love to meet your son. How are things over there? The weather is acting reall goofey. On the first day of spring it snowed!, we got two and a half inches of it, but the wierd thing is, is that it all melted by noon. I hope you come home soon, stay safe. Caleb
Chris, we are so glad you received the package and enjoyed some of the goodies inside. Let us know if there's something in particular you'd like to have and we'll try to get it to you. Your Mom told me about your wife needing eye surgery and we've been keeping her in our prayers. Hope all goes well for your family while you're away. Take care, our prayers and thoughts are with you.
Sincerely, Dan & Sheila Parks
hey bubba, this is your sister. thanks for the happy birthday. i talked to your wife the other day and my nieces and nephew were suppost to call me the next day but they didnt so if u talk to them u tell them to call me , espacially chevy because he butter chill out , i wanted to come through the phone and beat him to death.i cant wait till he moves down here he gonna learn to respect grown folks,and especially the ones that love him. you should have heard the way he was talking to his mother because he knows that u r gone.
but anyway i know that u can handle him . i love u and i gotta go love me always so until i see u again stay strong love your sister
I hope you enjoy the Video that is in the Mail,I wish I had all the names when I put it together,next time tho I will......Let me know when it arrives.I am going to try and send a copy to the Web Master here @ reach a marine maybe he can put it on here.I think it turned out GREAT.....Keep sending those pics kiddo,most of all bring you home to us.."May the Force Be With You" Love Dad
hey bro its been awhile sorry dude i have been really busy and can't wait to get the hell out of the marine corps i am so sick of these synical asswholes .. my self and a few others have come to the conclusion that we are gods among insects.. and its utterly ridiculous .. and we all hate this place so badly , i know you can understand somewhat but only we know the real b.s. lets just say i work a 12 to 16 hour day when i am not in iraq .. we get treated better when we are there.. and the food is better too.. but you don't need to hear this shit .. its just your my brother and your the only other person who could even begin to understand .. on a good note i guess ricky had her sergery and it went ok . from what i understand and things are the same i guess,, but i will let you go and can't wait to see you again .. dude i miss my life back at home.. and i can't wait to be normal again ... at least you get the taste of normality before i do .. take care and i will talk to you soon..your little bro nick
Hi Chris, I've mailed a package to you on 3/17 so hope it gets to you in good time. Your Mom mentioned you liked hot foods, so there's some hot flavored items tucked in too. Hope it arrives in good condition. We thank you again for all you do for us here at home..without you we wouldn't have our freedoms. May God go with you,
Dan & Sheila Parks, Fort Worth, Texas
hey there chris,
its mom again cant stop thinking of you.
i know alot of stuff is going on in the air right now
i pray for you daily.
i really pray he doesnt have to return a 3rd time
if he does its americans like you that help get our sons and daughters through.SO GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL WHO SUPORT OUR TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!
sincerly pmm starr
anyhow son i want you to know we are very proud of you! i cant wait for us to be together
its been so have done welll...
chat to you your mom
I wrote once before, & just wanted to send another line to let you know your Oklahoma friends are still rooting for you & we think of you on a daily basis. Thanks again for all that your doing for us all!! We thought about you, especially after watching the news about the airstrikes over there, that you fine guys are performing. Stay safe & always know even strangers from your home state are so very proud of you! P.S. Hope brother is adgusting well at home.....Brian from Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Hello Chris, I was just going to say Happy St.Patricks Day! ASlso if You like hockey here is a picture you will like, i saved it off the internet. Caleb
P.S. The Sooners got eliminated in the March Madness tournament, they lost to Alabama Birmingham.
hey there son,
it was good to talk to you today! i was happy to hear your voice.....thanks for all the pictures aswell
the weather has been warm here,but still dry...we need rain very badly,its supose to rain this weekend we will see,it is also supose to turn off cold again.well sat. it your sisters 20th birthday,i can hardly believe it.if anything motherhood is settling her down.well we still pray for you everyday and all the military and there familys...
they said today on the news one of the biggest air strikes was launched since 03 of the war....
so stay alert,stay strong and god speed to you!
not too much time left over there,we will see you soon.we are here for you!!!!!!!!!!
love always your proud mom
I am so dissapointed that no familes from Oklahoma added their loved ones to this site after the news did all they did.WHAT A BUMMER!!!!
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Let me how hard you laugh or what you really think.Be good,stay safe,and we will see you very soon son."May the Force Be With You" dad
hello my son,
well its been a crazy last few weeks here,but we are still here for you! you know i have been very ill
but starting to recover.we all miss you and as the days pass its one more day closer for you to return home.i think anout you all the time and i pray god give you the blessings you deserve!
i got to see kelley that was a hard for me,i got to spend some time with my sister,that was a shocker..she lost a lot of weight..86ibs,you would be shocked is fighting back with all she know was hard to see her in a wheel chair,she cant sleep in a bed anymore and she is very lonely..i guess rebecca might stick around for awhile to help her,i wish i could be there for her...its sad ...i cant wait for you to come so we can go see her together.heather and nick are in ar. of course..doing what they do best!
i guess somethings dont change...well son i am off to work,i will e-mail again,thanks for really being here for dad..the one who really deserves your suport!dont forget to e-mail calibe the boy who writes you and the others,stay strong,have faith,i love you and are so PROUD OF YOU CHRIS!
love your mom
to my wonderful first born child,
so how is my son these days? i hope you got your problem taken care of with rikki.i was hoping to send dad there,it would of been what he needed
either way as long as my grandbabies are well taken care of! i am so sorry i the grandma should of been there but as you know with my life it wasnt possiable..i am sorry chris...i do want you to know that i love you and i need you as much as your family does!!!!!!!!! the thoughts of you is what keeps giving me the faith to hang in here and to stay have done it for have come so far.i just wanted you to know we had figured out away to help by sending dad,it doesnt matter as long as some helps her.well i hope you are staying busy so time goes by faster and you can come home as you know,eveyone i know of that has come from there has changed in one way or another,thank god your changes have been for the better...i am so proud of you chris as a young man,a father,good husband and then as a soilder.
well son its been one of those months ...i miss talking with you and sharing our special talks so i will e-mail you on your still have much suport and prayers coming from the great U.S.A.
love for you and to you,your proud mom
Hey Chris. My Dad si a pretty big hockey fan as well, he and I try to keep up with the Detriot Red wings. This past weekend i went down to okahoma city with my basketball team for a tourament, my team took first place. I was so excited, i couldn't sleep on the trip home. I hope you are doing well and come home soon. God Bless You. Caleb
Hey babe, just thought I'd give u a shout. I don't have too much to tell u, but I guess I can tell u that we r all doing good. We r trying to hang in there for u, but some days r better then others. I keep everything going. And we r staying stronge and smiles on. The kids miss u very much and they said to tell u that they love u very much. Chevy got another A on his spelling test. Vanna Is still making good grades as always. Rye is still her crazy little self. It's like they r doing something new each and every day. I know u hate being away from them but soon enough u will be back home with us all. And ur whole family is very proud of u and u know how much ur son wants to grow up and be just like his daddy. He tells u all the time that he his going into the airforce just like u. That should make u proud, I know I am. And I'm proud of u. So very proud!!!!!!!!! I love u and miss u and don't ever forget how much. LOVE UR LOVING WIFE
wazup cris i havent seen u in forever, no i dont have a job yetmy brother and sister are ok my mom is here is here (hutch) but from september to feb she has been in three diffrent states. im ok how are u are u still alive? i have an e-mail address at e-mail me
right now nick and aunt starla and rick are here vistiting i think nick just got back i dont know how long ago. anyway talk later
little bekka:)
hello my son,
well its nice to see others staying in contact with you. as you know your brother has made it home!
its been so long since i have seen either of you.
it has made it a little easier for me.i hope all is good and you stay up beat and posiative.i guess we are going to ks from 3-3 to 3-5. heather is hanging in there,she is real emotional these days.THIS IS TO BRIAN AND HIS FAMILY,THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR SUPORT WITH MY FAMILY,I AM PROUD TO LIVE IN OKLAHOMA! to everyone else thanks for caring.chris i think of you everyday and we will be together soon enough..take care,we will talk to you soon.god speed to my son!
your proud mom
Hey Ther, How ya doing? Just thought we would drop you a line or two. Hope things are going good for you. Everyone here is good. Tony and Jackie both say HELLO. Tony is a sherriff now. He says he really likes the job. Jackie is moving to Colorado at the end of the summer. ALLLL the boys are stil doing the same, (still boys).Jordon has been in boxing for a little over a year. I think he wants to be a pro boxer one of these days at leastthats what he talks about. And he pretty darn good at it.The rest of us old folks here are doing pretty good ourselves. Well thats enough gossip for now. we'll chat with you later. We love you lots Uncle J/Yvonne
Hey sexy, I know that I don't write much on this page like I do the other one but I do try to remember to write on both. I just got done talking to u this morning and I thought I'd type a few lines before I took off in town with Rye-Rye. It's payday so I'm going to go take care of the bills and get Cevanna's glasses fixed. Other then that I be home working on ur blanket that I'm making u. I love u and miss u very much and will talk to u again really soon. LOVE UR LOVING WIFE.
hey there my son,
well how are you feeling these days?
i know things have been rough the last few weeks
i hope they are better for you . you know so many are praying for you and all the troops.
i want to thank everyone who has taken the time to post something here to show your suport,THANK YOU FROM MY HEART and our familys.chris we are here for you ,america is proud of you,you have many suporters from,oklahoma! well its back to being so warm here
its crazy.well i hope you are taking care of yourself,eating right(as much as possiable)i cant wait to cook you a home cooked meal.well son,stay alert,be strong,god speed to you!!!!!!!!!
lol your proud mom
I dont know you dude, but I have a nephew that just returned from iraq 3 mos ago. He is a marine from Tahlequah, Okla. We all admired him & we all admire ALL of you who sacrifice so much for us all back here. Keep the faith & come home soon to your family who loves you so much. (I read their e-mails) We continue to pray & think of you all even though our loved one is back home with us. Thanks for making not only the USA happy & proud but Oklahoma as well!! Brian from Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Hello Chris. It has been a while. How are you doing? Things are pretty good over here. Today the weather was so nice that we opened all the doors and shut the screens to let in the air. I mean it is gorgeous. Yesterday ( Sunday ) I had a baseball tryout, I'm not sure which team I will be on because the draft isn't until Thursday or Friday. I will talk to you soon. Caleb
Hey there kiddo,I like the pics you have been sending,I wish we had a digi camera.Thank you again for the letter,I let Mom read it and she said you need to re-read it and fix some spelling mistakes.Also she said you were 11 Nick was 9 and Heather was 8.Other than that she liked what you wrote aswell.I am glad your time over there is coming to and end.It sounds like a cival-war may break out.America had a cival-war,it is going to take time for Iraq to be afree country,many years away,but I still belive it will happen and all the men & women like you are doing something very special,you are making history.You are brining freedom at least the chance for freedom for millions of Iraqies who whant freedom.For the first time EVER.Something millions upon millions of Americans take for granted.I am proud of you.Stay safe and come home soon."May the Force Be With You" Love always Dad.
hey there chris,
well its sat.25th and its a little cloudy,cool.
i am sorry you havent recv. any pkg. but with nick he was there so long and it took like 6weeks or longer for him to recv.them.i didnt realize you get yours so i will send a pkg. this next week
its not because i didnt want to.i hope this finds you well .i finally took a sat. off to celebrate our ann.
we finally just said screw it we are going out,so we did and thats-that...we love you so much,other then your rock star drink,what kinds of stuff do you want or does it matter? i helped move your sisters furnature today,she got her apt. finally,i hope she listens to what advice i told her,and how she cant let anyone move in its for her and her baby.well thanks for all the suport you have given dad and for the understanding you have shown to him. he is so proud to be your stay strong and keep on looking forward..god speed to you my proud mom
hey bro sorry once again its been soo long... i am still getting used to being here... its weird ,, since i spent more time in iraq in the past 2 years than here its awkward sometimes.. i am not sure what to do with myself.. well hey dude , keep it together for me ok,, just remember keep a positive energy no matter what!!!!!!!!!! because it can always be worse, you could be in the marine corps. lol... well hey like i said let me know whats up . and keep your head cool .. don;'t lose it yet,, your almost out of there..k .. i love you man ,, be safe and come home,, little bro - nick
hey son,
i know you are tired of all the bull,i know it must be long days and nights for you,just hang in there son
you are almost done! i know that all the crap goimg on with the goverment right now isnt a good thing for you all,you just remain safe,finish your service and then we can move on. its going to be ok,we are all praying for you and we love you so much!
your family is doing good and hanging in have to remain focused and strong so that your family can remain strong.i am so sorry you are so unhappy right now,people dont understand really what a mess this is all fixing to be,but i your mom does and you just pray,do what you are trainned to do and come home ! we are proud you have done your part,its ok to feel the way you do.
everyone gets tired of life at times,just remeber yours will really just be starting when you get here.
we love you chris! lol,your proud mom..god speed to you!
wow thanks for the pictures son,
you are looking good! i am proud to see so many writing you and showing there suport.
i know you cant wait to come home aswell but we thank you for doing your part! you have sacrificed
a great deal being away from your wife,kids and our big family.when you come home we will make the trip to grandma kelleys again.dont you worry dad and i have a great fun big place to go 4-wheeling,boating camping,whatever,family stuff not too far from here,it will be will be coming home at a good time.well today is our ann.
dad still under the weather,i guess we will have to make up for it on a later date,like when we are all together.well son it was nice to get those pictures.
i didnt really want dad to post the one of us,,he slid that one in...i love you and are always praying for you,be safe,god speed to you..we will see you soon..your proud mom
Greetings from Aqua-Tech Guttering & Lawn Care,Tulsa,Oklahoma,Oklahomas number one choice in friendly Seamless Guttering Installation & Lawn Care Maintance.I hope all is well with you Chris,we sure do miss you alot.Your little Brother will be back in Tulsa March 1st thru March 20th. I belive we all are going to Hutch on the 3rd to see Gma Kelley and the rest of the Clan.We posted athe only photo we have of Mom and Dad,will post more when Nick arrives,he has the digi camera.Hope all goes well for Rikki tomorrow,we pray for her as well as you and the kidos.God Bless and "May the Force Be With You" Dad.
PS to Caleb,thank you so much for writting to my Son,it really meant alot to him and was a very special surprise to him as well,it sure is nice to see young people like you caring for others who you do not even know,may God Bless you and your Family for many many years.Mr. Rick Phillips Sapulpa,Ok Father of Chris and Nick,United States Military Servicemen




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