Patrick - Tennessee

Corporal Patrick (24 years of age) 7/19/81, UT Knoxville Graduate; 1452 Knightsbridge Drive, Knoxville Tennessee His family is very proud of him and family and friends pray for him and his battalion everyday.

  From Patrick


From Family & Friends

Dear Patrick, Thank you so much for calling me this morning, We pray for you all the time and know that God is watching over you. I called Uncle Andy and he is going to write you today.Here is John's address: John Diener
P.O. Box 306
Meadow Valley, California 95956
His cell phone does not work well out there. He has a pay phone in the office he calls me from. I will make sure he has your address. I am going to send this to see if it works. This will be great.
Much love and May the Peace that only Jesus can give be with you. I love you, Mom and Hannah I will figure out a way to send you photos.



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