Michael - Texas

Michael is a recent graduate, who has served a little over a year, and is very decaded to rebuilding his '63 chevy impala.


From Michael


From Family & Friends
My name is Rick Phillips,I have two boys on this site,the 2 from Oklahoma ( Chris,Nick). From the deepest part of my Heart, I want toTruly Thank Each and Everyone of You and Your Families for the Courage that you show by Protecting this Country of Ours. All of you are a True Hero to me and My Family and Never does a Day go by we don't Think and Thank Each of You. We Pray and Hope for the Speedy and Safe Return of Your Loved Ones as are Youngest, Nick arrives Home Today. Again Thank You and God Bless. The Phillips Family Tulsa,Oklahoma

|Hi Mike,
How are u doing? We are all fine, just waiting for your return home. I am so happy and proud to be your friend. I hope that u are making the best of were u are at. You are brave person and everyones hero for the simple fact that u gave up your freedom for all of us and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Time will soon come when you are at home with your loved ones in one hand and in the other a COLD CORONA. I miss you. Your always in my prayers, come home safe. WE LOVE U MIKE.
Hey Mike,
Just wanted to say hi and hope everything is ok. I hope u like what ur doing and hope to have u home soon safe and sound. I also wanted to tell u that im proud of u. Who would of thought that little Mike would be in another country fighting for our freedom? Keep doing what ur doing and keep ur head up. Ull be back home sooner than u think drinking a Corna with all of us. I miss u and hope to talk to u soon. Take care and God bless u. - Belle
Hey Baby,
I sent you a message earlier, but I don't think it went through, cause I put your last name, and I just noticed that I should not have done that. Anyway I'm so excited that your information was posted, and we will have the chance to e-mail you and send you some photos. I told the girls, so you may want to look for their messages as often as you can. I love you, and I miss you muncho.
chat with you later. XOXOXOXOXO Don't forget Jesus is your sole protector.

Hey Miksey,
I'm so excited that I was able to post your picture on this website. When I initally tried, I didn't think that I had done it right, but then I logged in and wa-la, your their. I told the girls, so they may send you some e-mails. You'll probably need to write the email addresses, so that you can e-mail them back, or I think that if you post a message, they will be able to come in the same way and read your email to them. Anyways I love you,I claim the blood of Jesus over you, and his Holy Shield of protection all around you, XOXOXOXO post me back as soon as you can. - Yvette (Mom)


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