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Andrew, 22, is a LCpl from Racine, WI. He has lived in Columbus, OH since 2000. He is a senior at Ohio State, majoring in Criminology and Sociology. Andrew enlisted in the Marines in March 2002 and plans to go to Officer Candidates School after graduation. He tutored middle school kids and worked at Lowe's part time.


From Andy
Hello everyone, thank you for all the support these last few months. We are on our way out and should be in the states by the end of the month, but we will see. Look forward to seeing you all again and thank you again for everything.

Hello everyone, just got back to the dam. Spent the last four weeks living in an abandoned school in the city of Hit. It was just fantastic. It is getting hotter here, I didn't think that was possible but it is somehow, I think someone saw the devil walking around asking if there was anywhere to cool off. We are into the home strech here, we are getting scattered dates of when we get out of here but I really can't say when for sure. And my time is up on the computer so I have to go. Thanks for everything everyone and I will try to get ahold of some of the people I haven't been able to yet. Thanks again.
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3/25 L Company (1st Platoon)
Unit 72120
FPOAE 09509-2120

From Family & Friends


Welcome home, Andy. Auntie Linda

Hey, Andy! Hope you are reading this in the states. Can't wait to see you, have a safe trip HOME!
glad you're out of that steaming hole. i hear you're coming back on the sixth, everyones excited about it. give me a call when you get in, beers are on me
Andy, The count down must be on now!!!
I sure hope your days over there are almost done!
Make sure to let me know when your arrive back here!!!! Jay
Hey buddy... hope all is going as well as can be expect. Heard you will make it home to us soon!! YEAH!!! I cant wait to see all of you... it will be great but bittersweet at the same time... u know! But I want to get together when u come home with you, christine, trevor, boots and everyone. I think it would be a good time. and well deserved! Well I will talk to you later... Be safe... miss you!!! Kristin
Andy, I like reading Adam's email, he does not know how great he has it, right???? To be back in school, (parties & of course studying,right!) I am waiting to hear you are back on American soil. Keep the faith, it won't be long now!!!! Jay
hey man...its me started monday and i forgot how much it is right around the corrner...first game is the 7th of september in iowa already...looking foward to u comming home...well time to go to class...later man...adam (brother)
Hi Andy,
I'm sorry for all you've been thru these past months. Looking forward to your being home, and then hopefully you will begin to sort it all out and deal with some of it. Take care. Auntie Linda
hey andy, havent written you in awhile. im still in europe, gonna be in italy for a few more days then back to cbus to find a place to live. cant say that i have much to report, consdering i havent seen anyone in 3 weeks. ive introduced italians to dave chappelle, the family im staying with is in love with him, as they should be. well as soon as i explain who lil jon is. greece was interestng, very touristy. its amazing the cultural differences, the brits are loud drunk and offensive 24/7...i like them, the italians are much more reserved, although the 4 hour dinners are a bit much for me theyre good times. anywho, ill write when i get back. glad your tour is finally wrapping up
hello sweetheart-
it's been a long 24 hours. i know there is a communication block on, but i wish they'd let you call or something. know that many are praying for you and your fellow marines. hope to hear from you soon,
love mom
Andy, Hope all is going well. I am struggling with the heat here, can't believe how hot it is for you, so I should not be such a baby, huh? Please stay safe, we are on the count down for your return!
Waiting to hear about return to the states. Take care, Jay Kohr
Hi Andy,
Guess you're back at the dam by now, so will get a quick note off to you. We've all had a hot summer in the states so far - up here in NW MN we had 9 days of 90+ degrees. Hot for us anyway. And very little rain. Pretty soon we'll all be lookin' at sand! My wrist is healing up, but the summer is shot, so that's a bummer. Oh well, guess I will be more careful in the future. Sure hope you're taking care, and will be glad to see you at home soon!! Love, Auntie Linda
Hey Andy,
How are you doing? I hope everything is going really well. I am thinking about and praying for you. I can't wait til we get to hangout someday soon, I hope. Caroline and I really want to come see you next time you're home. (We will fly to wherever you are.) Do you know the next time you might be back? Let me know if you do. We really missed you at the wedding last year, but are really proud of you. If you get a chance, I would love to hear from you. My e-mail address is Get home safe Andy.
Take care and best wishes,
Mike Johnson
Hey Babe,
I was so mad that I missed your call the other day. Of course I was sleeping! It's what I do best. O well. Hopefully I'll hear from you soon. I miss you like crazy and can't wait to see you in a couple of months! I love you!!!!
hey buddy... hope all is well in the sandbox... we miss you all so much and cant wait to see u upon your return... Tell your girl the next time u talk to her to call me... i havent talked to her in a while and i miss her!!! Well we are so proud of you andy and when u get home we want to see you!!! Good luck fight hard and come home safe... hope to hear from u soon!!! love ya Kristin


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